Ditherer & MC-Arch- Another Inch Away | Rap / Hip Hop

Hey y’all, trapstar extraordinaire J. Free here. Only partially kidding, but I’m very honored to say I am now part of Horse Music Herald’s guest writing staff. Hope to bring you some awesome horse tunes in future posts!

For my first writeup, I’ll be sticking in my comfort zone with a rap song, this time from the prolific MC-Arch and the youngblood Ditherer. Ditherer only just started releasing fandom music and his new album, which this song appears on, is a whopping 40 tracks long. The gloomy Shiloh Dynasty-sampling beat services the rapping quite well on this song. Ditherer raps, from a detached POV, of a man who just can’t seem to let go of a fictional girl (safe to assume it’s a pony!) and longs for a real-life version of her. The verse has a pretty amusing Ticket Master reference, too!  Ditherer’s use of internal and multisyllabic rhymes and his great imagery are on full display in this verse.

MC-Arch’s verse, on the other hand, while still as emotional as Ditherer’s and echoing similar sentiments to the first verse’s protagonist, is much more personal and much less vague as to the identity of the pony. It’s not surprising to find it’s about Fluttershy, but this is the first time Arch has ever sounded so impassioned (especially in the second half of his verse) and vulnerable rapping about his love for her and what he feels whenever she’s on his mind. Arch’s distinct stream-of-consciousness-type flow along with his fiery delivery are the real stars here.

If you’re into emotional raps and can relate to having a real adoration for your favorite pony, there is definitely something to like here!


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