Daniel Ingram – Make A Wish (Silvertune & John Kenza Remix) | Hands Up

You may have already heard this one if you were at Kenza’s incredible sets at Everfree Northwest or High Roller Pony Con this year, but if not, you’re really in for a treat. One of Kenza’s specialties, his intensely happy hands up (uhh, hooves up, anypony?) music lends itself amazingly to any party setting (fitting considering the song it’s remixing). I hadn’t heard of Silvertune before, but I’m definitely going to be exploring his hands up music after this. Personally, I think the dialogue between the verses fit like a glove here, which was a nice touch. As is to be expected with Kenza’s music, the mix is pristine and everything, from Pinkie’s vocals to the synths in the drop, sounds totally crisp. Not a lot of love for hands up is usually shown in the fandom, so if you’re into the genre, you’re going to love this one. Let’s party!


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