Ditherer – Love Trouble (feat. Doodled) (TCB Remix) | Hybrid Trap

WARNING: NSFW LYRICS Where to even begin with this one. I’ve been at Bronycon showing this song to some very prominent figures in horse music, and they all had the same dropped jaw when they heard this. The beginning of this remix has is reminiscent of a Migos song, then shifts to something very Middle Eastern-influenced (something I personally have missed in trap music). Ditherer has proven himself to be the fandom’s premiere lyricist after only a few months and it shows here. He spits multis on multis, and the verse, like most of his music, feels very deliberate. And what’s he rapping about? Horse poon. Same goes for Doodled, who starts his verse off with some outrageous Auto-Tune and transitions to a highly catchy refrain. That hook immediately leads to the awe-inspiring drop, proving TCB still is one of the most underrated fandom musicians to ever do it. Doodled is no slouch on the mic either, however. His cool delivery and flow is effortless and also has some very intriguing rhyme schemes throughout his verse. A song for true flank lovers only.


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