Brilliant Venture- Celestial Summit VIP | Electro House

Brilliant Venture is finally back! His last release, Moved On, was featured on Cider Party and is a very personal and emotional song. However, he wasn’t inactive due to a lack of inspiration. Far from it, he was preparing ten (count ’em, ten) unreleased tracks for premiere at TrotCon (his set was wonderful, by the way!), and this is the first to go up online. Whereas Moved On dealt with his personal life struggles, Celestial Summit VIP is a pseudo-remix of Celestia’s Ballad from season 3’s finale, sampling it heavily through vocal chops and otherwise. It retains the emotion and the energetic wubs from Moved On, fans will be happy to discover. As usual, Brilliant Venture also draws heavily from the music and overall vibes of the old brony fandom. A treat for any fan of the original or Celestia junkie!


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