Vylet Pony – Prom Night Equestria, 1988 (feat. Namii) | Synthpop

The first single off of Vylet’s upcoming album Glitter, which you can pre-order here, should please any fan of 80s aesthetics. Featuring some lovely young Cheerilee and Mayor Mare art by Alumx, this song is evidently a highly cathartic song for Vylet, judging by the description, and sounds like something right out of Dirty DancingThis tune features some lovely harmonies from both Namii and Vylet and the passion in both their voices is palpable. The most impressive thing about this track, in my eyes, is the attention to detail to the 80s power ballad sound. It is beyond authentic and features some heartwarming lyrics and definitely tugs at the heartstrings. If you pine for the times of Flashdance and Journeythis one’s for you.

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