[P@D] Silva Hound & PegasYs – Hands On (feat. StealingShad3z) | House

While on paper, this does sound like a very odd bunch for a collab, but by Celestia, they delivered! The legendary Silva Hound sneaks in some references to his early French house music (those guitars are irresistible) and works with the Pony Funk Lord himself, PegasYs, to deliver a surprisingly cohesive house banger (with talkboxes in tow). Additionally, StealingShad3z comes through with a stunning and standout vocal performance that, considering his usual punk stylings, you would not expect to go this hard over house production! In short, Silva continues to prove he’s deserving of his legend status, bringing us quality pony tunes and linking up with newer creators even past Friendship is Magic’s end. Grab the song at P@D’s Bandcamp page!


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