Yuru – Call Me Choco | Future Bass

Today we’ve got ourselves another lovely track from the talented Yuru (Redstone Brony on YT). The track starts out with the sound of an ocean which is immediately joined by the lovely main beat and some more natural sounds. A synth and a drum loop quickly join in to make the beat as lively as can be. Shortly thereafter most of the sounds stop and make way for a small but sweet build up,  and the drop is introduced by something I’ve only heard in one other song–a water drop sound–which really fits well not only with the ensuing, amazing synth fest that is the drop but also with the background image, creating an atmosphere of pure contentment. The drop itself is accompanied by voice samples and the sound of a camera click, reinforcing the beach theme of the track, and the water drop can be heard again as well. After the drop the whole beat goes silent to make way for a lovely Piano accompanied only by the sounds of nature, giving this part an amazing Chillout-vibe. After giving the listener a few moments to collect themselves, a new synth takes over accompanied by the drum loop, and more components are quickly added before the build up, which doesn’t take over this time. Instead it is simply adds to the already awesome track until, once again accompanied by the water drop, the drop takes over, making you dance once more. For the end the piano takes over again, this time accompanied by some lovely strings. This song is amazing, not only for the rare use of a water drop sound, but also for its fantastic combinations of synths followed by piano solos.

This article was proofread by thecanderson, so big thanks to him.

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