[P@D] RedSpark – Thestrals Approaching | Orchestral

Please note that the story elements presented in this article are not official and purely inspired by the artwork of the video.

Pack your saddlebags and hold on to your hats everypony! We’re going on an adventure with this stunning orchestral piece by RedSpark! With an amazing flute accompanied by a lovely cello, this song starts out by hammering home the adventure theme. As the drums join in you leave your village behind and follow Princess Luna along the paths of the Everfree Forest. Horns come in as you reach the peak of a mountain and view the whole forest in all its glory, but there’s still a long way ahead. As the piece gets darker you feel as if you’re being followed, and every fiber of your being is concentrated on watching out for danger to the Princess. As the song grows lighter you finally relax and focus entirely on admiring the beautiful nature all around you. However as the drums return once more you free your gaze from the scenery and return to your military stance to protect Luna and trot onward. The strings create a stunning build up as you near your destination, and you can’t help but admire the natural wonders one more time as you near the clearing to which you’ve seen your friends escort the Princess to for weeks now. Everything goes silent as you break through the bushes, and then, as the orchestra returns with all its power, you see it: The castle of the two sisters, once a ruin, now fully restored to its former glory. You are let inside and are surprised by the intricate details in the castle’s construction. As the song ends you sit down in a chair and realize that the journey you made was worth it all along.

This article was proofread by thecanderson, so big thanks to him!

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