[P@D] Dropper Vampire & Heartsong – Block Out The Sun (Feat. Koa) | Big Room House

So everypony today we return to Big Room House, with Dropper Vampire’s “Block Out The Sun”. This song starts out with a lovely amazing house beat, with shortly after the beginning Koa singing about how this is a new era for Equestria with her at the top and while a universe ruled by Koa doesn’t sound as bad, that thought quickly escapes as she commands her changelings to take over and reveals that she is singing Chrysalis. In the drop that happens right after the reveal you can hear why I called Big Room House a special genre, if well done, which this song more then is, BRH can create a upbeat melody that is dark at the same time creating a fantastic feeling for the whole drop. After the drop the beat makes way for a piano which reinforces this feeling of happy doom BRH always gives you. After the piano Koa explains more of her plan to infiltrate the ponies from within. After that the beat takes the main role for some time accompanied by an evil Koa laugh that, even after my tenth listen through still gives me shivers. Then buildup as Koa commands her changelings to finally execute her orders and take over Equestria.

This article was proofread by thecanderson, so big thanks to him!

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