Ardhy Mahardhy – Together Until The End | Melodic Dubstep

So, everypony, today we come back to Ardhy Mahardhy (whose music you might have seen on here before) with a lovely Melodic Dubstep track inspired by “The Ending of the End Part 2”. This six minute track is sure to mesmerize you with its lovely synth and sudden in-between string verses. The track starts out with some beautiful piano followed by some exquisite strings which push the piano more into the background until you get a small buildup and the amazing synths set in to really give this thing the Dubstep feel. The synths get a buildup of their very own into the actual drop. The drop adds more synths and creates a really Melodic aura which makes the song even better. After that we get a second verse where the strings take over again and give this track a vibrant, lively feeling before the synths take the lead once more. Then we quickly return to the drop for a worthy end to this six minute masterpiece.

This article was proofread by thecanderson, so big thanks to him!


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