[P@D] Faulty – Immortal No More (feat. 4EverfreeBrony) | Progressive House

So everypony today we’re back with Faulty and 4EverfreeBrony and another amazing track from “Eclipse“. This one is all about Twilight and the life that has been taken from her as she became an immortal alicorn. The track starts out with a progressive House beat by Faulty giving it a nice intro instead of immediately throwing lyrics at us. But when 4EB’s amazing voice joins in, you’re immediately grasped by the lyrics, which talk all about Twilight wanting to be part of mainstream life again and not just sitting on a throne in Canterlot trying to be as good a leader as she can. For the end we again get to hear only the beat. 

As always huge thanks to thecanderson, for proofreading!


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