Daniel Ingram – The Seeds of the Past (Riovelk Remix) | Eurobeat

So, everypony, we kick off the holiday season with a banger remix from Riovelk. Honestly I didn’t expect Eurobeat and Christmas to really fit together, but oh,  sweet Celestia, was I wrong. They actually fit together pretty well! The song starts out with a build up and some lovely Eurobeat music before the Applejack lyrics we all know and love set in with a continuously upbeat background track that slowly builds up bit by bit until it takes over for a drop so hype I can’t begin to describe it! Soon Applejack starts singing again, and for some time the beat actually calms down for a more subdued part of the song before it comes back on full blast for another awesome instrumental that you could even say is 20% cooler than the last. For the end Starlight and Applejack sing to a calmer beat, which makes for a great outro.

As always big thanks to my friend thecanderson for proofreading!


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