Zizkil – Zizkil Digs Through His Garbage Can Cuz He Dropped His Keys In The Trash Can | Album | Various Genres

So, everypony, today we’ve got an album full of amazing randomness by Zizkil. The whole album is a compilation of unfinished songs he made over time, and it includes both small pieces of unfinished songs and songs that are pretty much finished but haven’t been released. He himself says that some songs on this album might be considered cringe, but either way there’s a plethora of different genres on it! This article’s intention is to highlight some of these great songs, both short and long, because there really is some good stuff on here!

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(My 5 songs)

–The Spectacle Remix (2016 Version)(Original by Daniel Ingram ft. Lena Hall)
This remix starts out sounding completely different then the original, which continues even after the lyrics start giving this song a whole new atmosphere. Zizkil works a lot with looping the vocals, and even in the drop the song sounds like it’s a whole new track. This remixed drop is longer with vocal chops and a futuristic, light, upbeat melody. Then all of a sudden the beat changes, and we get what feels like another track altogether until we return to the light, happy melody for another instrumental part.

–just let it happen (2016) 
For this track we start out with a happy, upbeat melody and some lovely vocal chops, which are quickly joined by more synths and form a build up. For the drop we get a different synth, and we switch around again soon after for another build up and yet another synth change making for an awesome progression. After yet another build up the entire track explodes in your ears, and you can’t help but jump at the sudden change. For the end the vocal chops return once more, and the beat slowly leads us to the end.

–Mystik (2015)
Mystik is one of the shorter tracks, reaching only about a minute length, but is still a very fun track to listen to. The song starts out with a lovely synth with a background beat that changes over time and is joined by other beats and later even small vocal chops. For the end we hear the beats fade, which makes for a great outro.

–Darling, Please (2017) 
This next track is a smaller one, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad one! The track starts out and stays fairly simple with a calming synth and a few things which get added over time. The chill beat and overall theme makes this the perfect track to put on repeat and let all the day’s stress flow away.

–progre55ive (2015) 
This song starts out with an upbeat synth and a little drum loop, but soon more stuff gets added, and the track gets even more upbeat. The more this track progresses the fuller it sounds with different beats being added only to be taken away later, while others stay for a while. For the end we abandon our main beat to get a bit of a build up until the song supernovas a few seconds of 220% awesomeness.

(Closing words)
So I hope with my featured songs I could show you the awesomeness Zizkil stores in his garbage can–but wait, there’s more! As a little thanks for all the hard work he put in helping me sound good, my friend thecanderson also features 2 songs in this article. Find his part below.

(Surprise part by thecanderson)
Hey everypony, and big thanks to Simon for including me in this review! It’s always a pleasure working with him on these articles. Also, I really appreciate what Zizkil has done by putting this album together and acknowledging the progress in his musicianship that it represents. Let’s get to the tunes!

–Jeez (2015)
One of the tracks that really caught my ear on this album, “Jeez” is a collage of elements that, while not fully realized, offer a fun, blippy soundscape that is busy without being overbearing. The song starts out understated with a simple melody before adding in a bassline and transitioning to a melody and rhythm that is carried by a medley of bass elements, synths, and scratches. The middle of the song is more “filled in” than the rest of the song, but there’s nothing as dramatic as a drop in this track, just a pulsing, subtle liveliness with a cohesive theme that never stays put for too long.

–Jello (2016)
I get a bit of a disco funk vibe here, with the opening synth playing scales over the ascension before the synth takes on a more chiptune, Zelda-esque sound and the bassline kicks into a grooving, pulsing build. It almost sounds like something you’d hear in a Hyrulean club inside a Super NES with pixelated fairies dancing around in Mode7. A second synth kicks in to overlay an additional melody that gives the song more of a soaring feeling before things drop off; then it’s on to another buildup to a very subtle vocal chop and mellow drop. The song then thumps along to a distorted vocoder melody before shifting the melody in the middle, which gives a somewhat menacing and urgent feeling to the song. Everything drops off again before a drum machine buildup, and then another reconfigured progression takes us to the end. The vocoder vibe kicks in again as our 16-bit DJ takes us to the close. I could definitely see someone pushing the intensity in certain parts of this track to create a more amped-up remix, but it’s a great listen as-is and one of those great “get things done while listening to this” tracks.

Alright, I’ll turn it back over to my favorite MadHatter to take you to the close. Thanks for reading, and may your day be filled with good tunes!

So we hope we could make you interested in Zizkils music and the Pegasus with the hat and his amazing proofreader thecanderson wish you loads of fun listening through the album yourself!


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