StealingShad3z – Pretty Penny Betting Her Last Dime | Pop Punk

Today we return to StealingShad3z with a Friendship with Benefits Song! The song starts out with a bit of instrumental giving it some time to build up before the vocals begin (as I did with the article for Vylet Pony’s “LESBIAN PONIES WITH WEAPONS”, I’m gonna tackle the lyrics for this one in a separate part later on). While the vocals are going on the song builds up in the background preparing for the chorus. For the chorus Shad3z delivers some lovely vocals while the background music is still building up, culminating in a short but sweet Instrumental part before we go on to the next verse. In the next verse the background music maintains the awesome level of the chorus to keep you rockin’ along, and as the chorus returns the instrumental just keeps ramping up!  Even after we start the next verse the music keeps building and building! The music only calms down for a little pre-chorus before immediately returning to the upbeat final form of the instrumental before ending on a sharp note, which is a really great touch.

(Continued after the break)

Now to the Lyrics!

The lyrics are all about one-sided love and failing relationships, and the song sympathizes with the people who suffer through this. It’s all about giving love and expecting nothing in return and about being used, which, as sad as it is and as much as we all can recognize it, it still happens a lot nowadays.
(Warning personal rambling from here on out)
You give love unconditionally, but all you’re getting back is being used and being made the target of tasteless jokes with your partner trusting that you will forgive them for everything. Sometimes the partner even lies to you about who made those tasteless jokes while they expect you to change for them. Ultimately the person giving their love may find out that their partner didn’t like them for who they were after all.

Big thanks to my good friend thecanderson for proofreading this!


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