Nicolas Dominique – Coffee Rush | Drum & Bass

Today we return once more to Nicolas Dominique, and he brings us this jolly DnB song. Coffee Rush is an upbeat, fast DnB track that will make you dance! The track starts out at express pace with a lovely DnB melody that is quickly joined by all sorts of elements, and before you really notice it the song begins building up. After some time another synth joins in and gives the song a lovely melody. Later an additional synth joins and takes center stage for a lovely progression, and, believe it or not, the track is still building up. Still later the artist teases us with a two minute build up before the track changes and becomes calmer, seemingly finally slowing down. Most of the song’s elements subside, but then most of them gradually return, and the song speeds up again as we return once more to the fully built arrangement which persists until the outro where the track calms down once again.
Thanks to thecanderson for proofreading this article.


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