SweetF1RE – Princess of Love | Happy Hardcore

Today we’ve got ourselves a lovely Happy Hardcore track by SweetF1RE, featuring our favourite Princess of Love. The track begins with just a simple crash and then immediately starts with the beat. The beat in the beginning is very video game sounding and makes for a nice intro but quickly changes to something more pop sounding with the earlier beat coming in again later for a lovely combination. After that the beat changes and becomes a bit simpler to make way for the lovely Cadence vocal chops. As a little transition SweetF1RE uses an effect that frankly I’ve never heard before, and after that the beat returns once more to the pop-y beat but still keeps the vocal chops. Later the video game melody returns once more, but then we get a whole other beat making for an amazing progression.
Thanks to my good friend thecanderson for proofreading this.


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