Nyancat380 – Indifferent | Deathstep

A heavy and dirty track about the insane multi-personality Pinkie Pie inspired by “Cupcakes”; this track sure punches you in the face! You know, I’ve come to know Nyancat380 with talks about music with him, about how there is much “method to his madness” and how he seems to do things with his musical arrangement by blending hardcore elements into anything he does. This song is a pretty good example of that! We get one side of Pinkie: her angry, crazy and violent side, and then you get deep and dark drops with heavy dubstep bass that just shows off Pinkamena’s vile and aggressive side. With a giggle from Pinkie, the song then speeds up and these really odd and weird almost D&B elements come into play. Quickly after, everything only gets more crazy as if to tell you that this is the twisted maniac Pinkie talking; she just wants to have fun with her toys with you. Nyancat380 is a mad maestro of hardcore electronic music and this track just tells you that right to you face. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


One thought on “Nyancat380 – Indifferent | Deathstep

  1. MLPSolarDash1907 says:

    Pretty decent. 😀 Not completely my thing but it does what it was meant to do, and I did get some enjoyment out of this. 🙂 It definitely shows the violent, crazy side of Pinkamena very well. 🙂

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