[P@D] Gray Princess Society & lia;quo – One Trick Pony | Dubstep

Alright, I know I have not really said much about P@D: Eclipse this time around as I still need to get around to listening to the whole thing. A track like this, however, reminds me to do that. At track 41 we have a hard dubstep song about someone calling Pinkie Pie a one trick pony (bad idea!). The Duo of Lia;quo and Quadrivia have put something together that really goes into how you DO NOT want to hurt the feeling of Pinkamena Diane Pie. The way that this song is composed with its loud drops, frantic hard bass, and deep harmonics really dives into the mind of our insane pink pony. The racing pace and the climb to those drops really tells the emotional tale with a temperament to match Pinkie’s mood. Really nicely put together and one of last harrah’s of Quadrivia’s in this fandom. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Violin Melody – Hope (Canvas Remix) | Drum and Bass

(listen to Vio’s original here!)

Violin’s Melody’s message of hope and light urges us to never give up on life, much like she refused to when she was in a dark place in her life. Canvas has given this song a super boost of energy and positivity, but viewed will also be enthralled by the prancing Fluttershy in the video. The power of D&B with bounciness and enchanting beat to this track bring out this infectious feeling of joy and the wonder of the Everfree Forest. The vocal chops with the lovely piano only enhances the positive message and wholesome spirit of this track. Canvas has made something special here by making this Vio track his own. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Daniel Ingram – Unleash The Magic (Nyancat380 Remix) | Trip-Hop

Ok, even for me, when you see Nyancat’s name on a track, the normal action is to strap in and hold on tight for his brand of over-the-top musical assault on your ears. HOWEVER he throws a very unexpected curveball here. A remix that is a mixing of his style with some pretty amazing hip-hop beats for one of the most underrated songs from the Equestria Girls. The song really plays up the vibe of Sci-Twi at a real crossroads in this song, and, honestly, it works. The lyrics are sped up and the vocals are distorted enough to really add to the drama of this song, and it’s a very welcomed delight thanks to the skills of Nyancat380!
As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Noc – Main Theme (Sunken Horizons OST) | Soundtrack

‘Empty Horizons’ is a breakneck adventure, its sequel, ‘Sunken Horizons’.
If you are a fan of Goldenwing’s work and have been itching for the next in this series, you are in luck–you can listen to it here! BUT! You can also enjoy this beautiful track by Noc with some outstanding composition featuring epic Spanish style guitar work and breathtaking use of bass and strings in this opening theme of this pony fanfiction series’ next installment! The cello solo really is a real standout in this track, and the music is put together so well that it makes me want to read both stories! As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself!


[ETC] Acid Applejack – Frequency of Nightmare Night | Hardcore

Oh man, “ETC: Luna’s Nightmare Society” has had some knockout tracks so far in my coverage of it! Here we get some hyper and dreamy hardcore. It’s as if Princess Luna decided to go into the world of dreams and put on a show for all of her ponies on this Nightmare Night. Have Luna regale her subjects not only with thunderous hardcore bounce but also the beauty of the night with some pretty and haunting harmonics, and you’ve got yourself a symphony of night thanks to this incredible arrangement by Acid Applejack! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself!


Skyshard – The Adventure (feat. Zelizine) (Covering Aviators) | Soft Rock

(Listen to the classic here!)
Man! Right about now we could all use some good vibes. This year has been a load to deal with, and an Aviators cover may just be the thing for you. Staying faithful to the lyrics and vibe, Skyshard, with the aid of Zelizine, gives this classic some soft rock love, mixing light and flavorful electrical guitar and some awesome keyboard and harmonics. The icing on the cake is Zeli’s vocals, which are stellar in this cover. The song is about friends that you can trust and lean on, something that is so necessary in this day and age. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[ETC] Twisted Tail Kings x Nyancat380 – The Weapon | Kadacore

What a trio of musicians to tell the story of the day that Pinkie Pie gave into her insanity, Nightmare Night came with a blood red moon, and a curse fell over the ponies of Ponyville. Pinkie’s deep insanity is really brought out by the flow of this track. The dark sweetness of the start paints the picture of Pinkie in her home mentally breaking down until she slowly dives into the dark parts of her mind. After the first drop the horror begins as Pinkie reaches for her bloody toys and goes to see if the citizens of ponyville want to play twisted party games with her chainsaw or a game of pony roulette with her shotgun! This song just fits into the dark headcanon that deep inside Pinke is a twisted psycho. The back and forth of this track really fits into the theme of horror for ETC: Luna’s Nightmare Society! As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


SDreamExplorerS – Ephemeral III: Imhnieńnie Ščaścia | Album | Folk Metal

(The Title is translated to: Ephemeral 3: A Moment Of Happiness)
(English translation of lyrics are found in this link, Special Thanks to Soul Strings for providing them to us )
The following article was Co-written by Drake EmberHeart and Simon the MadhatterBrony.
(PS: do not worry if you can’t understand Pavel’s voice acting in this album, with the english lyrics guide and our article. You the listener should enjoy this album just fine, oh if you do buy the album on Souls’s bandcamp. It comes with the doc with the english translation!)

(Start of Drake Part)
There is a very special place in my heart for musicians that just go the extra mile with their music. The effort, the passion, the hard work writing and composing this type of grand music. Soul Strings and his friends have done just that: a folk tale of a loving father and his filly daughter leaving what they knew to find a cure to the illness that’s slowly killing her. They travel to Equestria from leagues away from their homeland, in the hopes of getting to Canterlot and ask the royal sisters Celestia and Luna to save his daughter’s life with their legendary alicorn magic. With the journey comes how to tell that story with the glory of heavy metal!

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[ASOS] Pony Killerz – Nightmare Moon | Complextro

Yet another great track from this amazing album!

We got more Nightmare Moon for ya bronies. To put it simply, this track feels like the very moment in the series premiere where she comes back and goes on a tear of chaos across Equestria before turning her attention on the mane 6. This track on ASOS: Chocolate puts what goes down musically; I mean, that mare of the moon just wants to play with her food. It’s just too bad her food was more than her tastes could handle. This track is just a banger that this mare would improve. As always, this Qilin asks for you to judge for yourself. 


[P@D] Dropper Vampire & GrazySmash – Moon On Fire | Big Room House

This is WAR! Oh my, this track erupts from P@D: Eclipse with a showdown of solar fire and lunar energy. This track set the mood of finding out who is the more powerful sister, Nightmare Moon vs Daybreaker. Dropper and Grazy, with their combined talents, create this big feeling of godly fighting levels. Fitting for a big room house as this track tells the story of the sisters having a war while demonstrating their powers; the melodies do paint that picture with all the big energy drops and traveling melodies. It feels like you are watching this live on PPV with a video package, with these two evil alicorns just talking about how much they hate each other. There is such a prominent feeling of pure chaos and darkness as those drops, vocal chops and some orchestra elements do their stuff. This track is so explosive and these two sure got it right with these other two titans trying to fight and tear each other apart with their destructive powers!  As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.