Lexie – The Precious Thing | Drum & Bass

I like being a writer for this platform because I get to get caught off guard by artists who I had no idea made music. Lexie is brand new to the music scene. It doesn’t get much better having one of your first tracks featured on cider party (listen here). Keeping things rolling, we have a charming D&B track about little things in life that are precious; I wasn’t expecting kind of rad synth beats and that keyboard solo! However, the pace is solid with these ultra-cute harmonies and basslines. Lexie also does the cute RD artwork, saying, “kick back and enjoy the roses.” I believe we have someone we need to keep an eye on here! As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

Also be sure to check out their new Cider Party track!


MathematicPony – Just Waiting (Redux) | Piano Pop

(Listen to the original here!)
Today seems to be a day of me being a brony that is finding new artists. Yes, Mathematicpony is known in the fandom, but hearing something like this redux is perfect for those like me that have not! Hearing a musician’s growth in remakes or redux gives your honest perspective on their talent and passion. MathematicPony sings from Twilights perspective on that faithful first train ride in the season five premiere heading to Starlight’s village, as the princess of friendship for the first time.
The lyrics do set the tone for the rest of the series of looking back. Many fans wondered what would next after the season 4 finale! It where you hear a much more improved composition that adds to the wonder of what’s to come. More drum and orchestra elements that amp of the emotion of excitement that we all felt back then as bronies. Like Twilight, we all did not know where things would take us back in 2015. Improved vocals and mixing along with the core of this song, those smooth keyboard melodies. The song talks about growth and still learning, always looking forward to better days and wonders. What’s fitting is the new vibe of this song plays into things the come, and we all know what Twilights destiny was when it was all said and done at the season 9 finale! MathematicPony well done with the treat of redux and showing how much you have grown in six years. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Violin Melody – Lacuna | Ambient

This piece by Violin Melody is something else. Vio, as a musician and person, has breathtaking talent. I, as one of her close friends, will tell you first hand. It’s feeling and emotion; You hear it when she does an uplifting trance song, and when trying her hand at Ambient, You hear the story. In the early MLP comics, There was an arc about Nightmare Rarity. For anyone that has read that. Then your know that Rarity gave into her self-doubt and changed into Nightmare Rarity. The message of that comic and this track by Vio greatly blur the lines of Violin’s real-life struggles with self-esteem and worth. Something I can tell you very real. As you listen to this serene composition, like Rarity, Violin with friends such as myself helped her understand her worth and how much she valued by us. Rarity was able to break away from Nightmare Rarity after understanding that Twilight and her friends were there for her. This whole composition with so serene, tranquil, tells that story very well with its soft and gentle emotion and this feeling of a spiritual understanding of yourself. It better if you listen for yourself and hear what I speak of. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Optimistic Neighsayer – Potion Nova Boogie | Boogie-Woogie

(Listen to the Pony Life theme song here)
If you want to hear some “Pony Life” love and get your fix in for some handy piano work? Released by Optimistic Neighsayer backs in 2020, The track featured in the very first race of the revived Dustcar Comp! I may take you a few listens; however, you will find nine different variations of the theme song. No interpretation sounds the same and flows smoothly into one! With some crazy dance-happy jazzy melodies, that honesty will give you a real sense of the type of skills Mr. Neighsayer brings. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] TCB – Forever Is Nothing | Future Bass

(TCB has evolved this track over the years! The Orignal here! And the VIP remix here!)
(DrakeEmberHeart and ExplodingPonyToast co-writes this article for HMH)
I admit that I came very late to the party when TCB was starting to make noise in the fandom. Heck, back in 2015-2016, I didn’t know about the music scene too much. Much less was I in the fandom. The magic that TCB was only starting to make back then when “Tanks for the memories” aired in season five. Notably, you take a step back as you listen to the original, then listen to the VIP released three years later. You hear the difference. In the mixing, composition, and dynamic use of Dashe’s vocal chops from “I’ll Fly, ” you also notice the evolution of TCB’s famous deep bass and harmonic manipulation to the melodies getting better.

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[P@D] Blackened Blue – Down Below | Metalcore

My buddy Blackened I like to say, is an all-around musician who, if you pay close attention, has a knack for blending all rock and metal styles for a gateway of the story he is trying to tell. The emotion of a lost pony at sea in this Metalcore typhoon on P@D: Oceansong. The deep and darkest parts of the deep equestrian oceanic are places that no creature dares goes. Even the Seaponies dare not go there! Blackened blends, Metal, Hard, and a tad bit of classic rock elements to tell this story of the pony facing the end of the line with his shipmates already gone. Or soo it seems. His lyrics dive into the emotion of fight for survival, and man does his screams hammer the desperation! The melodies pull you that way until “a friend in the darkest hour” comes into play. The Salor, at the moment of death, is saved! Not to die drowning that day, a group of sea ponies who seen the ship go down from the sky as hippogriffs dove in to make the save! But grimly, he only survivor as the song seems to come across. Blackened sure has grown in taking his skill in making excellent metal and added this skill to his name. Great stuff. As s always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Vylet Pony – I Was Afraid (feat. Chi Chi & Briakitten) (SpinScissor Bootleg Remix) | Nu-Disco

(Listen to Vylet’s original here!)
So it has been established that Vylet Ponys stuff is unique in mixing and composes her music. It is one of the most significant factors in why she stands out besides making a complete package story that runs with albums.
I have to imagine that got to be a real task to remix her music into something that fits. Enter SpinScissors a-go at this. Now I never knew about the electronic genre of disco, but it got some style with the vocal chops mixture of Vylets lyrics with this groovy bumping bass and rhythm that pays just the right sound to compliment Vylets track. It’s pretty neat, and it stands out. Please have a listen. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself!

PSFMer – Hice | Techno

Man, let me tell you there is still a fantastic charm to good old fashioned Techno. Enter this track by PSFMer. It’s rather trippy with a satisfying tempo with the bass kicks and pound elements that want you to get up and move your flanks. The scene itself is a party inside Twilight castle of friendship, and man, the new ruler of Equestria, is just loving this moment with her friends. Who could not blame her? The percussion and the bright elements make this track so entertaining. Oh, if you listen close, you can hear the vocal chops of the Mane 6 talking about if Fluttershy is a tree or not? Just kick back and listen to yet another charm about PSFmer as a brony musician! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] Tw3Lv3 & 4EverfreeBrony – Introversion | Chill Pop

By hearing the opening plings of the blues guitar, you know this is going to be unique; Why would you expect anything less from a collab such as this! A dream pairing for talents that have one particular thing about them, they share in common. “Versatility,” How else can track about Princess Skystar and the Seaponies desire to once again come out of hiding and fear sound sooo smooth! To see the sunset, the mountains, and beauties of Equestria again, without the fear of the Storm King. We first have Tw3Lv3, who is a little over two short years has become one of the most versatile and dynamic music producers in the whole fandom, Able to blend styles and genres like their peas and carrots and make it sound easy. It is no wonder she has become so renowned within the music community! Then there is 4everfreebrony. The music man can adapt his musical skills to anyone’s style and kill it with his voice or talent playing the guitar every time!

This song is such a splendid example of what these two can do. Tw3lv3 composes a stunning hybrid of blues and lo-fi with soft melodies and chimes that feed into the soul of the sea ponies’ message with a sprinkle of violin for taste! Bringing something new to the table is 4everfreebrony, who lends his voice to this beat as someone who knows that lo-fi is not his cup of tea. You would not guess that listening to him sing with this ultra-smooth blues style makes you smile at how much swagger you hear. Plus that blues guitar. It makes you close your eyes and feel so delightful and light. This track seems to be fate to show how to skill the two of them have in adapting their talents. It’s a dream match that has been worth the wait! Way to go, both of you, for this treat of a song!

You can catch this one-of-a-kind song on P@D: Oceansong very soon! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.