FrøstFyre – Insanity | Complextro

This is an EDM of fully diverse Insanity is as I like to say. An earful to take in from FrøstFyre. I guess that’s logical. Given this tune is supposed to embody the inside of Bookhorse’s complex mind. You will travel to every part of her brain with this maze of this very cool and unique musical composure. It’s fast, it’s wacky, it’s different. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. And try not to freak out like our adorkable Alicorn.


[P@D] Hay Tea – Tea Hugger | Liquid Drum & Bass

When it comes to character-themed songs. One of the best things you can do is make something relatable to them. Hay Tea then brings something like this!. Our first preview song of P@D Eternal. We get into the vibe of Tree Hugger. This song has very fast, but very smooth exotic melodies. It has all the quick composition of Drum and Bass is expected of. Will you be sitting trying to find your inner zen? Or will you be up and swaying yourself around enjoying your journey of finding your inner harmony. This Qilin invites you to decide for yourself.



loophoof – We Will (ROKII Remix) | Future Bass

(You can listen to LoopHoof’s classic here)
LoopHoof’s original tune is true to the term “High energy” Its full of fun vocal chops and a D&B beat that is addictive to dance too. There really nothing more to say as it speaks for itself, This remix by ROKii however. It’s special in its own way. ROKii extends the song to over 7 minutes long of amazing transitions of Loophoof’s classic. Each time it changes.s its a different melody that displays different styles of how the sound of the song can be done in. The catch is that it’s done so smoothly by keeping at the how the original sounds The nice vocal chops are spread out throughout the track. It sounds so epic with each switch. The song has this epic but relaxing feel to it. This is something I would listen too if I needed a pick me up. I put this up there with some of my favorite remixes I’ve heard so far since joining Horse Music Herald.




MC-Arch – Relation (prod. Nevermourn) (feat. DaWillstanator) | Hip-Hop / Audio Drama

The message in this song is so vital in our fandom and our world right now. This emotional song about Discord could have not been released at a better time. This track is one of best on MC-Arch’s masterpiece of an album. This track is a combo of a Hip-Hop and only a small part of the well done audio drama this album offers. Featuring the musical talents of my fellow H.M.H colleague Nevermourn. Who does such a great job of making a melody, that just conveys the energy and power of the rhymes MC-Arch’s releases in this track. More than ever the lyrics cut deep with emotion and wisdom. The lyrics are for the one and only master of chaos Discord. Voiced by a fellow known for his talent for voicing him DaWillstantor! The magic of this track is the whole conversation between Discord and Realfeeler. Really well done and produced. I really want people to listen to this track. The Characters we relate to in the show is why we cherish the lessons learned we learn MLP. The message of speaking up for the greater good for all is so dire to learn. I really love the fact that Arch took his love for Discord and made such a powerful track about him and the message. Our fandom and our world need this so much right now. These characters would speak up for us, and we need to do the same for others! Let yourself feel the power of this track. You will not be sorry for it. There is no one better at taking their love of MLP, and using it for the greater good then MC-Arch. So proud I call the 3 gentlemen on this track, friends of mine. Check this song out and the Album! This Qilin insists.


Rusty Thorsell – Mirror Mirror | Indie Pop

So with this Indie pop tune, we get into the mind of narcissist pony. It’s different to hear this style of music. With hearing a pony unhealthy talk to themselves about their own self-ego. Having a conversion with oneself, and trying to convince oneself of what you’re saying. Then getting frustrated! It kinda funny honesty listening to this. The vocals get that across just fine. The melody itself is good, as it uses exotic style tones and sound. It goes with this pony talking to himself. It’s fun and simple little tune by Rusty, give it a try. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


PrinceWhateverer – Absolute Territory (Covering Ken Ashcorp) | Rock

(Listen to Ken’s suggestive original if you have not done so Here)
(Ok disclaimer: This song is not for everyone, there are VERY suggestive adult themes clearly talked about in this song or done. fair warning)
I don’t have to be a brony to even understand the topic of this very hot and sweaty tune. But if you going to be talking about ponies when comes to this song. Then I guess this honesty describes what Shining Armor felt like when he first saw Cadance in high school. The cute mare that has picked up on the fact your into her. SO it’s your lucky day because she is into you as well. My Cadance is not so proper when she gets away from Canterlot castle LOL. Prince, however, has put this naughty cover into his own style of rock and roll. The way he sings this song kinda reminds of all people, Marilyn Manson. In the style if delivering the lyrics. It adds to the spice if this song. The guitars are sexy and hard to fit the theme of the song, The melodies mimic the original nicely with extra hard rock flavor to the zest of this lewd track. So if it’s your kind of music. Check it out. This Qilin will not judge you for it.


FilledSilhoutte – B.Y.B.B | Future Funk



I believe Funk as a genre is not used nearly enough in our fandom after hearing this track by FilledSilhoutte. Vignette Valencia from EQG’s Rollercoaster of Friendship was a nasty character. She pretty much was Rarity without Rarity’s good quality. When I hear this funky melody it does scream the arrogance and ego of her character. Funk as the music itself can be used to emote or highlight a theme. The music itself was used to give Vignette a sense of style and the right amount of her annoying self-centered ego. Funk as a genre has always been about style, class, and smoothness. This track uses that to a fine key. Well done by FilledSilhoutte who must have done his homework about this genre. As always, please judge for yourself, as this Qilin will tell you.

P.S: This guy only has 142 subs on his channel. That is a crime. Please show some love to him.


[ASOS] GrazySmash & Tw3Lv3 – Dungeon | Psytrance / Dubstep

My first taste of what ASOS brings to the table is this collab by GrazySmash & Tw3Lv3! And Oh my, It’s themed after Daring Do. Trust me when I say it’s a banger that fits great. Picture Daring Do walking into the location of her next treasure. Sizing up her task. The opening melody builds up energy as she gets a feel for the place, Then BOOM! This song kicks in like a rapid-fire machine gun!. She shoots off into searching for her goal, dodging and weaving through all of the dangers within. The way the beats go all over the place. It gives you an idea of what she is in for. It lets you imagine her traversing through these perils with style. The use of exotic sounds is a nice touch as well. The mixing is just plain sick and adventurous. Someone honesty should do an SFM animation to this track of Daring Do making it look easy to this exciting track. So much fun! As always. This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Vylet Pony – Healing | Dream Pop

I really need to listen to Vylet’s album Love Letters: Colourless. When you think of Rainbow Dash, and the vast amount of brony music made about her, there is a lot of energetic, fast pace, songs that fits her character. Healing is a really nice change of flavor to the more stereotypical tracks.
Vylet Pony has made something soft and uplifting. The melodies are like a powerful wave of inspiration – very reminiscent of Rainbow Dash! The lyrics evoke emotions of her struggles. Vylet’s voice is so good over the harmonies, they make you feel like you’re in a dream watching the story take place. The message of Healing is powerful and wise. You need time to heal, time away from everything to put the pieces back together. Do yourself a favor and check out this song + Vylet’s album!



PrinceWhateverer & Sable Symphony – Holy Fire (feat. Blackened Blue) | Metalcore

Fresh off his album Reimagine, Comes a song that we’ve been waiting for. Let me tell you something, my fellow bronies. THIS is how you do a song about Daybreaker! Prince, with help from the wonderful Sable Symphony. Presents the internal fight Princess Celestia has with her other side Daybreaker! OH my, the RAGE in this song. PrinceWhateverer focuses on the theme of Celestia trying to keep it together. Telling herself that she a good pony. That she refuses to use her true power and magic for her own desires. BUT she can’t get away from this presence she feels within. Then comes in Daybreaker screaming at Celestia that she knows the truth. That it’s only a matter of time before others see past her smiling face, that she Daybreaker will come out and burn Equestria to the ground. This is how you present Daybreaker, as a raging inferno inside the princess of the sun. The lyrics, The guitars, the melodies. The amazing voice of PrinceWhateverer’s harmonizing of Celestia’s side with the brutal screaming rage of Daybreaker’s side. The back and forth is perfect for a song like this. Its reminds me of songs done by the likes of bands like Killswitch Engaged. A fellow colleague of HMH Blackened Blue lends a hand in the final screaming rage of Daybreaker and the song ends on a sweet and soft Electronica melody reminding Celestia that Daybreaker will never go away. This is Daybreaker done right with METAL! As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.