[P@D] Mantlegen – Dirty Gem (feat. Lennon Black) | Future Bounce

[This wild track is bought to you by the Bronies over at Magnus Records! Please check them out if you loved this track. Also, listen to this songs predecessor _RARITY  before checking this one out.]
P@D has been known in this fandom to have the most diverse variety of music. You will find just about anything on these albums. I mean ANYTHING! Skyward is no different. Like this track about Equestria’s most beautiful unicorn Rarity. I’m sure a lot of you know about the song done by Mantlegen before this one. He has upped this song to a new level of unicorn sex appeal with the help of Mr. LennonBlack. (Ya think the cover art gave that away!)
I have to admit that Rarity would have this wild side to her. This catchy and suggestive track sure brings that out of her. The music in itself has this hyper exotic feel to it (along with sound clips of Rarity’s voice actress in the official Korean dub of MLP). She has that vibe to her with her character, so its a fun twist on that. I don’t think this track is for everyone. I do think that the atmosphere, the harmonies of this track, let us bring out that different and fun side of us. I like to believe that Rarity is no different given if she found the right special some pony to show this too. It’s a very steamy feeling. Give it a shot, a bouncy track is a great term for this kind of music. Trust me LOL.
Art by stoic5


Glaze & H8_Seed – Awoken (StrachAttack Bootleg) | Drumstep / Drum & Bass

(I am sure everyone knows this song in our fandom. However for those who are listening to this for the first time. Listen to WoodenToaster’s/Glaze 2012’s Classic Here!)
I’m sure this will please longtime bronies in our fandom! Oh and something Woodentoaster related in about 4 years! StrachAttack’s exciting remix of this golden age classic, to this dragon pony, is very good. I just love this kind of D&B with electronic piano tones mixed in. The song about a rainbow factory worker on the brink of insanity and wants out! The remix has its own identity. The beat flows so well between these haunting dance tones. That picks up in speeds, with the drops being this epic harmony with these amazing piano tones. I will admit this was my first time hearing this fandom classic. I approve!


Direct Current – Chroma​.​Voltaic​.​Friendship | Album | Chiptune / Orchestral

How does this dragon pony put this next review of music into words? The very concept of Sunset Shimmer, and Sci-Twi being transported into cyberspace for a friendship problem. Their mission? A super AI that pulled them to this mess. It sounds like a very unique idea even for this fandom.

It works simply because it’s Sunset and Twilight, the geniuses of the group. So the music here by Direct Current is an EP of four songs of Chiptune/8-bit & orchestra joy. It’s very unique, that he’s found a way with these songs to make it feel like Equestria girls. The story told through Direct Current’s music is blissful and imaginative. You feel the equestrian magic happening in the first song, Sunset, and Twilight going into the internet only armed with the magic of friendship. Once there, you can hear in the melodies. The frustration of these two not understanding how an A.I could have this kind of issue at all. I love how I close my eyes and seeing this as this tune plays, this tone of deep thought. It fits right into what Sunset and Twilight are as characters. It’s believable seeing them butting heads over this.

The 3rd track comes in with this uplifting melody of the girls figuring out things for this A.l. The tides are turning in the girls’ favor. You can feel this in the music. that big powerful music number that happens in moments like this. The EP closes in a way that sounds epic. Much like a classic video game when you have beaten the odds. The music is so charming and gentle. The gamer inside of me is yelling for pure joy, I grew up on music like that. I like to add that Direct Current somehow got an 8-bit sounding guitar riff to make me smile so big. I didn’t expect that. This is one of the most clever and creative pieces of music I’ve ever heard in this fandom to date. You can listen to it here on his BandCamp, or start Here the singles on his youtube channel. Go listen, it’s different in a very good way.


Vylet Pony – δάκρυα | Acoustic / Chillout

When I think of at last getting to the place you’ve been looking for. After months, maybe years, and its a whole new world. This is what it would sound like. It’s the journey and the ponies with you that make that quest worth it. The magic of friendship even carries into far reaches of space. far from Equestria. The lyrics and the light and soft progressive orchestra melodies tell the listener that story. A group of characters from Vylet’s sci-fi fanfic Starship Ponyville have found a planet with life. Full of wonders and uncertainty. You listener are right there with them! So please check out this song and her stories she makes this wonderful music for.


PrinceWhateverer – What’s New Apple Bloom? (Parody of What’s New Scooby-Doo) | Rock

I like just simple fun music. I may not be the biggest fan of Scooby Doo, but I know that catchy theme song from one of its newer series. Prince Whateverer should knows it enough to turn this into a ponifide rock and roll themed of Applebooms obsession for the Great Seedling. I think this was very awesome and catchy spin that makes a lot of sense. Prince has his trademark guitar work and fast pace. His pardoy of the lyrics of the real theme is cute and falls right into the theme of mystery of the great seedling. Its nice to see Princes Whateverer do something this fun and creative. There’s not much more to say here. Give it a listen.


[P@D] Thrasher & Velvet R. Wings – The Forgotten Reality Of A Hero’s Ascension (feat. SDreamExplorerS) | Symphonic Metal

(Before you listen to this. Please listen to Thrashers A Hero’s Ascension and Velvet R. Wings/SDreamExplorerS The Forgotten Reality.)
I’ve heard a lot of music made for our beloved princess of the night, but none has given me goosebumps quite like this. Thrasher, Velvet R. Wings, and SDreamExplorerS collab their past works to make this into a Symphonic Metal track on P@D. Yes, all its melodies and genres sound just right together. The tells the story of Princess Luna’s work in the dream realm. Velvet’s adapted vocals make you swear it is luna singing this harmony right too you. The message that she is your protector in your dream’s and not to forget that. I really like the lyrics. It really does talk about Luna’s work protecting her subjects from the horror’s of nightmare’s. The hard and symphonic metal guitars, help drive home the fact that Princess Luna is a hero to the ponies she protects. A metalhead like myself gives this song high praise.


Tadpole – Caffeinated Horses | Drumstep

Wow! So this is what happens when you give Pinkie an energy drink and a drumset! What a fine introduction to Drumstep for myself. The pace of this hard pounding melodic drumbeat is intense! The drops when it lets up are silly, it’s Pinkie after all. Everything from goofy sounds to a slide whistle! Creatively mixing all of this hyper-caffeinated energy together! When the beat is not going into hyperdrive. I got to hand it to Tadpole. Fun stuff here. Oh yeah and don’t give the pink pony caffeine unless you want a bomb to go off, trust me!



RottenTotten – At the Break of Day | Orchestral

Oh, Daybreaker. How I shall march for the glory and praise of the fiery sun goddess. There is such a beautiful and soothing melody here. To someone who is so brutal and sinister! I was happy to hear something so fitting of Daybreaker’s character. Her mane of Sunfire blowing around as she stands there. Taking her glory in as she hears “PRAISE THE SUN!” from her followers below. I just love orchestral music because it can tell a story. This song has such a brutal and unsettling undertone feel to it, yet it’s so soothing it fits so well. I guess this is why RottenTotten gets the good word I hear about.


TCB – Part Of Your Day | Future House

This lovey Yona tribute is a short and sweet pleaser to best yak. Why not a full song, it sure makes its point by being an uplifting song with just the right yak stomping energy. Taking a little bit of “fit right in” from she’s all yak. The message of the episode with some melodies of future house EDM will hopefully remind you to be like best yak and let her help you in your day. Yona is the best yak for a good reason. TCB, well done good sir!


EnergyTone – Babs Seed (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Punk Rock

You know what I really enjoy? When someone takes Daniel’s work, then makes it their own. EnergyTone’s cover of this song brings the light guitar in the song to the forefront. If punk rock is your jam, then you’ll love this! This to me has that 90’s punk rock feeling to it. His delivery of the lyrics matches the sound of his cover. So you will sing along just the same as it stays true to the original? Does it improve the song itself? That as always is your judgment. It’s a really fun take on a well known CMC song with a fitting rock sound to it. One that would have anyone dancing and swaying there head around!