Various Artists – PINKピンカメナ – ピンカヒズミ | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Ok, so before we get into this I have to warn you that this is an album that includes darker themes (as you may have guessed from the cover). Some songs include language that is not kid friendly, and I outright put a warning in front of two songs, so proceed through this album with caution.
Today we’ve got ourselves an album hosted by Nyancat and also featuring a few other artists, but let’s cut down on the chatter and get right to it!

(Continued after the break)

–Nyancat380 – Pink Flavored Song

This first song by nyancat is a faster song using vocal chops. It starts out with just vocal chops and is then joined by the beat itself, and after some build up it ramps up to 200% and is only slightly joined by vocal chops. The track ends with a lovely synth outro.

–Anmie 70 – Pinkie Pie’s party (Of knives)

This song starts out fast and upbeat, but as soon as the vocal chops begin everything goes silent and muffled for a few seconds until it breaks out into absolute hype! After a while the upbeat melody from the beginning returns which is then combined with the faster beat from before and some more awesome vocal chops. This track ends with a build up and then just a single boom.

–r_chase – Gunmetal Pink

r_chase’s song starts out already fast and hype but later it calms down a bit and is joined by drums and some vocals. Said drums and vocals are later combined with the beat from the beginning making for a lovely combination. Later on we get the beat on it’s own, which is later supported by some video game sound samples, which makes for a lovely progression, and we also get some new vocal chops. We end this song with a final vocal chop.

–Feather – Cupcakes (Korroki Aternak Remix)

Ok for this song I have to give a warning, if you know the original you know what this is about, and if you don’t and are faint hearted I would advise that you skip this one as both the theme and the beat are very dark.

Now let’s get to this song. The song starts out with chilling choirs and the first hints of the beat. With creepy pinkie pie laughter the beat, and with it creepy singing, begins. Later on the beat gets more dominant, and the vocals transition more into the background. We also get some very hard-hitting drums. After a while everything goes muffled for a bit only to go through a complete change with an all-new beat and new vocal chops, and the only thing that stays the same are the vocals. After a while everything goes silent, and we have just a single melody and Pinkie’s voice. Then everything slowly starts to ramp back up until we go full into it again with the beat we left before. For the end we get some more chilling vocals.

–Nyancat380 – Bloodly Super Pinkie Awesomeness 

This song starts out very upbeat with very high pitched vocals quickly chiming in, and then the song just goes full power. Both the instrumental and vocals are unhinged with different sounds sprinkled in as if you forgot to turn off fast-forward. We get a quick build up and a “I will kill you” to bring us back to the fast vocals and instrumental combination. We end on an a slower beat with some more lyrics.

–Slam Dunk Serbia – Pinkie Pie Babe 

This song starts out with a darker beat and some vocal chops in the background, and then we get a very all-over-the-place beat that sounds a bit like static accompanied by hushed background vocal chops.

–r_chase – Sweetmorn Chemical 

This track starts out with a slowly building drum loop that is later joined by some more background noises. Through this part we continuously get what sounds like a phone ringtone, and soon the beat fixes itself on one particular loop and continues for quite a while. Later on another drum beat joins in, and over time more sounds are added to what still is the same beat. Then we get passages where everything becomes muffled for a few seconds. As sort of an outro we return to just the one drum we had since the beginning.

–DJ Soviet Russia Pony – Pinkie Pie Finally Bought A Circuit Bent Toy For My Birthday

This song here is all over the place and might be disturbing to some people, so again, warning for the faint hearted; you should maybe skip this song.

The song starts out with a slightly slower version of the “Smile Song” that soon speeds up to the normal speed but then gets fixed on the “Ahh” and turns into more of a scream. A faster beat starts that is interjected shortly by what seems to be a slightly sped up part of the smile song, and then the beat is combined with the vocal chops from the original, and all sorts of things are done with the vocals, really showing the versatility of DJ Soviet Russia Pony. We continue on with the hard beat and the pitched vocals from the original “Smile Song” while the beat again just goes all over the place. Later the song returns to the scream from before and combines that with the all over the place beat. Later on it combines sped up and pitched samples from the “Smile Song” with the beat, and for the end we get some funny light-hearted sound samples.

So, everypony, that’s it–the newest album by Nyancat and company! I hope you enjoyed my article, and I ask you to listen to the album yourself.

As always this post was proofread by thecanderson so big thanks to him!


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