Night Blaze – The Night the Lunar Ground Shifted | Orchestral / Soundtrack

Night Blaze creates a beautifully powerful mood in this orchestral piece that conveys an epic, interstellar feel from start to finish.  The track skillfully balances the deep and dark elements of the night with the nighttime’s lighter elements of majesty and peace.  The track begins with heavy, sustained piano chords that establish a weighty atmosphere.  Soon, a twinkling melody casts forth the warm glow of a sky filled with constellations.  Later, this light melody falls away and is replaced by emotional strings and majestic choirs undergirded by tympanic drumbeats of war in the heavens. Finally, the orchestra pulls away to highlight the piano and return to the beginning melody, creating a more peaceful, “the storm has passed” mood.  Still, the solemn piano chords continue to the end, hinting that behind the curtain of beauty painted by the peaceful night, the storm has left much sadness and pain in its wake.


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