[VibePoniez] Skyshard – Season Fantasy | Chillout

Today we return once more to the newest VibePoniez Album, “Overcast“. Skyshard’s contribution is “Season Fantasy”, a lovely Symphony full of happy melodies and all-around great music! The song begins with a happy and calming melody which is later joined by additional instruments fronted by some upbeat strings. A bit later on the song changes and we get a slightly different melody but it still keeps its happy, calming feeling. Closer to the middle the song calms a bit and most of the instruments drop off while only some strings and a synth play. Later those other elements are slowly added back in, and the song gradually returns to its previous form, giving us this lovely progression. Later on the song gets even fuller, and let me tell you–this fullness, especially as the song is nearing the end, is something you see very rarely. It’s this perfect combination of many things happening at the same time and not overloading the track. We end this beautiful piece with an outro of just the strings and a synth.
Thanks to thecanderson for proofreading this article!


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