[Equinity] PumpkinZ – Submarine | Future Garage

PumpkinZ’s new track, Submarine, skillfully captures the feeling of delving into the ocean’s expansive beauty on a wondrous submarine excursion!  Immersive bass flows throughout the song, creating a sense of traveling through the sea, while steel-drum-band-type sounds add to the feeling of underwater fun. Images of bursts of bubbles, beautiful fish, and ocean scenery filled my head as I listened to this piece.  I could see gentle sunlight gently filtering happily down from the ocean surface, while cool waves washed the sides of the submarine and refreshed the sea floor. The rhythmic beat maintained a feeling of vacation adventure, as opposed to merely drifting peacefully through a gentle sea.  As I listened, it felt as though I’d fallen asleep to sounds of water dripping from my faucet and was transported to a dream world on a submarine adventure beneath the waves.  Enjoy this immersive journey as you listen to this and other tracks on Equinity: Immersion!


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