Nyancat380 – Moanin’ | Glitch-Hop / Substep

(Slight warning before I start: This song is quite, well, risqué; it’s no Pony Zone, but I strongly advise against playing it on speakers!)

Well, this is quite the change, isn’t it? Nyancat, the master of all things dark and death, brings us this funky, upbeat song, and he uses a lot of vocal chops from the Korean dub (yes the official dub). The image used for the video should immediately give you an idea of what kind of song this is, but enough talking–let’s get straight to it! (That didn’t make it better, did it? lol)

(Continued after the break)

The song starts out with some funky melodies, and after a small build up we get some more of the amazing instruments and the first Korean vocal chops. A bit later on the beat changes, and after another build up we get the drop, and oh, sweet Celestia, is it good. The funky melody is supported by some more vocal chops, and after some time it calms down again only to ramp up again in the same explosion of funky beats and risqué vocal chops. After a while the song calms down again, and as you might expect there is another quick build up, and then the drop returns. For the end the beat calms down and slowly becomes more and more muffled.
This thing was proofread by theCANderson, so very big thanks to him!


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