[ASOS] Heartsong – Sweet Soirée | Orchestral

Today we’ve got this awesome orchestral composition made by Heartsong and dedicated to Octavia straight from A State of Sugar’s “Biscuit” album. This song is a beauty of an orchestral piece. It’s no epic or tragic work; rather, it’s this enjoyable, entrancing melody made up of all sorts of instruments. Even if you normally don’t listen to orchestral music I can suggest that you at least listen to this one–it is sure to change your perception of the genre completely. Clocking in at around five and a half minutes, this piece promises the full orchestral experience. The changes in between, the breaks, and the ever present joyous and regal aura make this a true masterpiece!
Heartsong also originally planned for this to have lyrics around the second verse, but those were scrapped in the end. However, they’re in the description on YouTube in case you want to read through them. 

This thing was proofread by thecANderson, so big thanks to him.


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