Wandering Artist – Happy Memories (feat. Pony Town musicians) | Soundtrack

Who would have thought than an animated show featuring colorful ponies could and would give rise to a gifted and inspiring community that thrives on love, creativity, and the magic of friendship?  Well, to quote my fellow writer, DrakeEmberHeart, once again, “art inspires art,” and MLP has indeed inspired countless artists across the globe to create a bottomless well of artistic creativity that includes visual art and animation, short stories and full-fledged novels, fun games, and amazing musical compositions.

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One of the most popular and enduring pony-inspired creations in the Brony community is the game “Pony Town,” which is currently celebrating its five-year anniversary.  To help celebrate, Pony Town’s soundtrack composer, Wandering Artist, has invited musicians from all over the Brony fandom to contribute to a special anniversary soundtrack piece, “Happy Memories,” and many talented musicians have enthusiastically responded. 

This collaborative piece begins with light instrumentation, a lovely melody, and a lilting rhythm reminiscent of an elegant country dance in the town square of yesteryear.  An interesting alternate section is interwoven with this nostalgic musical landscape.  The dance of time weaves back and forth with the charming rustic dance throughout the piece, enhancing the nostalgic feel.  Listening, I imagined a small town growing over time.  The sun and moon rose and fell at a steady pace, loved ones came and left, new buildings and architecture flourished, and the town grew up as more and more arrived to join the family.  Yet, without fail, the dance of yesteryear faithfully returned again and again, like an old and trusted friend.  At the conclusion of “Happy Memories,” I could hear time’s dance leave its final footprint.  Winds of change arrived to blow the past away, leaving lasting memories to echo down the corridors of time and pave the way for both present and future.

Disclaimer: I did my best to find the Twitter handles of all musicians involved in this piece, but there were still some I was unable to find, so for those musicians, I have hyperlinked they’re YouTube channels to their respective names. In addition, there were a few people who I couldn’t find at all, so I put their names at the bottom of the page.

KnightX424 Ras Route65 Ruby C Allen MulletMusic


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