[PF] Avery – Avery Mare-ry Medley | Acoustic / Acapella

Okay, everypony, I’m so happy that I can finally say this: I present to you the first song of the Pony Family album, “Busy Having Fun“! This absolute beauty is by the amazing Avery, and yes, this is a six and a half minute song about ponies and the fandom!

(Continued after the break)

Let’s start with the obvious–I see the pun in the title, and I know you see it too, so let’s agree that it’s a good one and get to the song!

As far as I can tell, this track doesn’t use any instruments–it’s just one big acapella masterpiece, which is amazing on it’s own, but in addition to that this song also combines all sorts of fandom references and memories of days gone by. I’ll do my best to mention most of them here, but I can’t mention everything because there’s just so much awesome stuff! We start this beauty with an introduction to all the “instruments” and the big question that we must all have asked ourselves at some point: “How did this become a thing?” Avery first talks about bronies and “sometimes they turn into girls”, which is hands down my favorite line of the entire song. Next up we get into a bit about the fandom and “waiting for season 2”, and I must admit that I wasn’t a fan back then, but somehow this song makes me feel as if I was. Next up is a reference to My Little Remix and a little change of beat, and then the whistled melody takes us into a cover of the Generation 3 theme song and the amazing Dustcar group. Obviously this cannot happen without mentioning Soundbandit and a bunch of other musicians, plus a shout out to the one and only Makenshi, who’s always there with his amazing comments and support. The big thing I can get behind is the next part about us “pony pals”; even though this fandom stretches over the entire globe, we’re still always connected with one another. The exercise of “rushing everything to be done” for the bi-weekly Dustcar submissions gets a mention, and then what better way could there be to end this amazing piece than by covering the extended version of the theme of Generation 4 (with a little nod to Generation 5), the reason why we’re all here today?

This whole thing was proofread by theCANderson. Thanks to him, and thanks to Makenshi for putting together the awesome album that this song is part of!


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