BlueBrony – Rush Hour Cadence | Nu-Disco

In the third installment of his princess-themed album, “The Princess Cycle,” BlueBrony presents “Rush Hour Cadence” – a funky, upbeat disco track inspired by the princess of love. A short intro with some fun plucks on the electric guitar quickly leads to an up-tempo drop with some funky disco sound design that periodically pulls back to make room for some smooth vocals.  An interesting end to the piece is created by sounds reminiscent of a phonograph of yesteryear that slowly fades out.  There’s even the sound of a record disc being popped out as the music comes to an end.  Featuring plenty of horns, guitar, and fun synths, this track feels like a refreshing blast from the past with a modern twist.  Be sure to check out this fun piece, as well as the other princess-themed tracks on BlueBrony’s newest album, “The Princess Cycle.”


One thought on “BlueBrony – Rush Hour Cadence | Nu-Disco

  1. A great track from a great album that’s meant to play through seamlessly, so the tape popping out and winding at the end transitions into the next track. Everyone should hit that Bandcamp page and give the whole thing a play through, because it’s all great!


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