[VibePoniez] The Empty Tomb – Getaway | House

Chill vibes, anyone? The folks at VibePoniez promote the finest chill songs in the community – songs that can easily whisk us away to a place of peace and relaxation.  Featured on VibePoniez’ latest album, “Plaza,” The Empty Tomb ‘s “Getaway” does just that.  This breezy track offers a warm, tropical feel featuring epic drops broken up by peaceful interludes.  Sounds of nature cascade over the listener throughout, and it’s easy to imagine a host of vacation sights and sounds, like sunbathing on a golden sand, snorkeling through coral reefs, or hiking up a mountain.  So, for those times when we feel like taking a break from the noise and busyness of everyday life, we can let this fun track transport us away for a while to a tropical island adventure.


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