RedSpark – Phoenix Rising | Epic Orchestral

Phoenixes are unquestionably some of the most dazzling mythical beings portrayed in the MLP universe, and RedSpark’s “Phoenix Rising” pays homage to these compelling creatures with inspired musical story telling.  The piece is initially subdued, not immediately throwing the listener into an epic battle, but rather, creating a slow crescendo with strings, horns, and powerful drums that slowly build to epic heights.  Later on, the climactic moment drops to a steady pace complimented by faint vocals in the background.  Towards the end of the piece, the instruments recede to feature only the vocals in the forefront.  However, the powerful drumbeats and the horns soon return to achieve a final epic triumph. Though, overall, the piece is somewhat subdued in nature, strong emotional overtones resonate through every instrument, creating a truly inspiring vibe throughout the track from start to finish. Enjoy this first track from RedSpark’s upcoming new album; it’s a tasty intro of the good things to come!


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