Sofia Carson – Glowin’ Up (Enermatrix Remix) | House

Enermatrix is back! After a 4 year hiatus, Enermatrix is back to remixing, and how better to celebrate such a return then with a G5 remix! The track starts out with vocals and an awesome, upbeat drum build up before we head straight into the amazing melodies. At the beginning the drum loop shines through a lot, really supporting the vocals, and then for the build up we get some more awesome drums. And then the drop–oh, the drop! It’s an upbeat beat firework that fits really well with the chipper mood of the original. The song then takes one big risk that I rarely give songs credit for: the drop doesn’t really calm down, but between the end of the drop one and the next build up we get this spiced up version of the beginning. The second drop is just as amazing as the first, and I could sit here for hours telling you how great both drops are (like how they work together with the vocals instead of blowing over them or hiding behind them), but I think you get the picture. Finally, in one last, perfect connection with the vocals, the song, instrumental and all, stops right along with them.
Proofread by theCANderson; big thanks to him!


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