Thunder Dash – Never Stop Pushing | Piano Solo

“We are the Cutie Mark Crusaders… and we’ll never stop the journey…” ~Cutie Mark Crusaders, 2011.
This quote captures the inspirational spark for Thunder Dash’s “Never Stop Pushing” – a tender, CMC-inspired lullaby.  The CMC’s long journey to obtain their cutie-marks and find their destinies is one of the most inspiring storylines in MLP.  No matter how long it took, no matter how many obstacles they had to face or what trials they had to overcome, the CMCs carried on in the face of adversity to find their true calling and help others along the way.  In fact, it turns out that their destiny was, in fact, to help others.  Isn’t that the shared destiny of us all? Although Thunder Dash’s gentle lullaby may seem incongruent with the forged-in-the-fire theme of perseverance, the idea of peaceful slumber does convey the idea of peace in the midst of life’s journey towards discovery. Soft piano and gentle ambient instrumentation in this piece send the clear message that perseverance is well worth the prize that comes at the end.  When you refuse to quit even though you feel small and insignificant, you may one day discover that your light became the candle that sparked a bonfire for many.


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