BGM Pony Degeneracy – SpookyMare | Spookystep

To celebrate Nightmare Night BGM has given us a very special track, and what more appropriate genre could there be for such a song than Spookystep? The track starts with a classic organ melody together with some spooky howling and a bit of beat before, out of nowhere, there’s this big beat change into a hasty melody, and suddenly it’s as if you’re running away from some unseen evil. We then get into yet another beat change and end up with a more upbeat, groovy beat and some great lyrics about there’s no way to run away. After this first verse comes an awesome and fun chorus followed straight by the next fun verse with all the vocals being delivered by the Mane Six courtesy of TalkNet, which is a wonderful touch! We end this whole thing on some more groovy melodies and one more iteration of the chorus.
Proofread by theCANderson, send him all the love!


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