Well, this is one hell of a fun track from CAPT that will have you all jumping, so let’s get straight into it! The track starts out in full-on Happy Hardcore vibes, and soon we get this happy, upbeat kawaii-ish melody as the Happy Hardcore elements build up more and more straight into the drop! The drop is a wonderful explosion of all thing Happy and Hardcore and upbeat and kawaii, and this one lasts for a good while, even building up into a drop inside the drop, something I’ve personally only seen once before and really enjoy. The track keeps on cranking as this one mega drop continues all the way to the end and never loses its cheery, happy sound, which works surprisingly well because it’s just so much fun! We end this masterpiece of cheeriness and happiness on an outro beat that brings the whole thing to a satisfying end with one final build up straight into the end.
Proofread bytheCANderson, go send him some love!


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