Daniel Ingram – Say Goodbye to the Holiday (SweetF1RE Remix) | Dubstep

Today we have a song that is a bit different from what you might expect. We immediately start with a hard, bouncy beat and a bit of vocal chopping. And now for something completely different! All of a sudden this turns into a vocal chop dream! The entire beat is supported by vocal chops as we build up into the drop, and this drop–oh my! If you enjoy Dubstep, this drop will be a wonder for you! Filled with all sorts of fancy beats and vocal chops this drop really shows the skill of the artist. In the middle the beat changes a bit, now sounding more like faint crying before it builds back up into this vocal chop firework. We end this Dubstep firework on some more of that amazing drop!
Proofread by theCANderson, so all the thanks to him!


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