Jyc Row – Midnight Sparkle, the Dark Angel | Epic/Apocalyptic Orchestral

With his newest track, Jyc Row actually moved away from Infinite Eclipse and gives us a sequel to two pieces he made back in 2017, mostly to test out a new VST he bought for himself, but nonetheless it still sounds amazing – so let me get straight into it! The piece starts out with epic choir chants that immediately bring you right into the epic feel of the track. Slow strings join in and start this apocalyptic end-of-times-like melody, mostly expressed by the chants, as the strings take a more supportive background role. After a bit we switch to more female chants that slowly ramp up into another section where we get strings, drums and a few other instruments, ramping up up bringing us back into the epic chants as everything rises and the chants hold a high note for a few seconds, only for the song to go completely quiet and end in a small string part.


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