[P@D] AnNy Tr3e – Spread Your Wings | Progressive House

Hope and freedom, anyone?  This is the uplifting message of AnNy Tr3e’s new track, “Spread Your Wings.”  Inspired by the epic story of the hippogriffs’ imprisonment under the harsh reign of the Storm King, the music and lyrics of this piece convey the exhilarating moment when the Storm King’s rule is overthrown, and the hippogriffs leave their watery prison to spread their wings and fly free at last.  My imagination soared as I listened.  I could almost hear the hippogriffs exclaiming, “What’s that, you say? The king has fallen?  Hooray! We’re free at last!  In fear and solitude, we need no longer hide. Come now, let us rise up, spread our wings, and fly again!”

True to the story that inspired “Spread Your Wings,” AnNy Tr3e has done a masterful job of creating an instrumental that features both majestic and energetic sound design coupled with Agatan’s inspired lyrics and skilled vocal performance.  This makes for a truly awesome track.  Be sure to check out this, as well as a vast array of tracks from other talented artists from Ponies at Dawn’s newest compilation album, Aurora!


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