Kimiko Glenn – I’m Looking Out For You (Yellow Tune Remix) | Hands Up

Yellow Tune (one of the musicians I most look forward to hearing) has a very special sound to his production, and it makes me love everything makes! We start with Izzy’s amazing vocals, supported by the I’m Looking Out For You melody. An amazing instrumental slowly builds around the original track, leading to a very unexpected first drop. To my surprise, Yellow Tune skips the build up and goes straight into the drop without a warning. Normally this is a difficult move to pull off, but is very powerful in the context of this remix! We flow smoothly into the next verse, and get a section supported by the vocals where the instrumental parts are given space to shine. The next drop include drum hits and maintain that steady flow, which sets this song apart from traditional remixes, and is perfectly executed. After the drop we quickly fade out for a fitting ending to this wonderful track.


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