Koa & loopyy – Pull Over (Siren Song) (MelodyBrony Remix) | House

Today we got ourselves another amazing remix of loopyy and Koa’s masterpiece Siren Song, but this time around it’s from someone who you wouldn’t really expect to make EDM! In his first foray into the genre, MelodyBrony brings us this awesome remix, so let’s get straight into the amazingness!

We start out with the original Koa vocals and slowly get into the awesome rhythm, accenting Koa’s voice very well and introducing a subtle build. We get an unexpected beat switch which plays very well into the siren theme. Melody gives us his own take on the classical drum build up, and takes us into the stunning drop. There’s a taste of the original melody, with a stop beat to subvert expectations again, before the full front of the amazing drop. This drop is made wonderfully with an upbeat melody, drums on point, fun chopping of the vocals, and it is all supported by a constant loop of “Hey!”s that keep the whole section hyped-up.

After the drop Melody dares to jump straight back into a calm beat – executed to music perfection! But we don’t keep calm for long as claps set in and start edging us to the next drop, making for a wonderful mix of an interlude and build up section. Just when you think you know what’s coming, the instrumental drops out leaving just the vocals before the actual build up (just as amazing as before), hyping us into the drop. After the drop, there’s another sharp and sudden cut to only the instrumental which slowly builds up into one of the most amazing outro’s I have ever heard. Melody not only shows off some great guitar skills, but he goes crazy on the vocal chops! We get a few last synth notes before this masterpiece comes to an end. If you only enjoy EDM half as much as I do I can tell you you will love this song, so go ahead and take a listen.


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