Spikey Wikey – Rock n’ Roll | Techstep / Drum & Bass

Spikey Wikey brings us his re-imagination of the episode “Wonderbolt Academy” with a dark and intense Drum and Bass track. This song is full of gritty basslines, fast and dirty breakbeats, and vocal samples from the show – a fiery combination that takes you back to the rivalry between Lighting Dust and Rainbow Dash. You can feel all the tension of their relationship permeate in the atmosphere of this complete banger! Rock n’ Roll starts with an uncanny, chopped break loop accompanied by a gloomy Rhodes piano and a quiet sample of footsteps. The track layers more and more instruments including deep bass and a synth that makes a simple, eerie melody. More drums help reach that climactic moment where the vocal sample glitches into the drop. It’s a very good track as one would expect from Spikey Wikey (he’s a master), and with his new song, there is no doubt about that!


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