Francis Vace – Fading | Rock

Francis Vace was out of action a little when it comes to music over the last year or two compared to his regular output, but recently he’s hopped back on the release train with a plethora of awesome tracks that now make up this newly released album, Fading. There’s plenty to enjoy throughout this thoroughly cohesive experience, as it blends elements of pop, punk and electronica into a wonderful rock experience. There’s also support from collaborators too with features from TCB, Koa, Luck Rock, Jade Kelly and Scoonie. The consistency in feeling between all the tracks in the album driven most pointedly by the tone of guitars across tracks helps to make it a thoroughly cohesive experience, but with the help of the other collaborators there’s also more than enough variety to keep things interesting the whole way through.

(Some song recaps after the break)

Francis Vace & TCB – Stay Forever: This track leads us into the album’s sonic experience by creating an interesting mixture between elements drawn from TCB’s recent music, specifically some excellent vocal chops, layered over some chugging guitar. This track sets the sombre mood for the album as the slight dissonance between the elements of the track create a wistful vibe, and seamlessly blends in the elements you would usually expect more in an electronic track into a more rock-style mix.

Francis Vace – Oats Pt. II: In the best of ways, the original ‘Oats’ released a few years ago was not an especially serious song, with playful and fun lyricism and a very upbeat feel to it. This sequel track that follows on from it flips that on its head with the unbridled fury of oats potentially being whisked away being replaced by a sad regret that the times of oats being stolen were perhaps the better ones. Francis’ vocals shine here, especially in the chorus where the emotional yearning for times past is clearly apparent, and well backed up by an energetic and moody instrumental.


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