Harmonic Six – “Friendship is Magic” Orchestral Suite | Orchestral

Ready for a nostalgia trip everypony? Harmonic Six delivers some more orchestral sweetness, dedicated to the show that, by now years ago for most, has gotten us through a lot, let’s see what we got here!
The suite starts out sounding a bit more pop-ish then you’d expect, but this intro is quickly over and we switch to the full front of calming and soothing orchestral melodies. Harmonic six turns the us well known feel melody into an orchestral iteration beyond any rivalry, together with a quieter, more reserved part that almost sounds like chanting at a few points we get a pretty good idea of how much this show means to Harmonic. Divided by a sweet piano melody we get into the second half of this piece, we keep up on the soft and nostalgic sound of the instruments as we take what feels like a slow trip through all the achievement and happiness of the show, with motivational drums in the background this suite switches fully into a motivational masterpiece that just seems to scream at you to go and follow your calling in life!
We end this beautiful orchestral masterpiece on a bit slower, soothing outro.


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