4EverfreeBrony – By The Wind (feat. MEMJ0123, Metajoker, Whirldwind, & CyrilTheWolf) | Pop Rock

No stranger to making fun, upbeat pop rock songs, 4EverfreeBrony’s newest track, By The Wind, offers a fresh display of his finely-honed talent.  Insightful lyrics delivered with pristine vocal harmonies by 4EverfreeBrony and MEMJ0123 are supercharged by energetic piano, drums, and bass provided by Metajoker, Whirldwind, and CyrilTheWolf, respectively. Together, these talented musicians tell a poignant and relatable story of a couple sailing across the ocean, blown by strong winds of epic change.  The couple is scarred and rowing hard, unsure of their survival and uncertain of the future.  With such a potent message, By The Wind is nevertheless uplifting and fun, encouraging faith over fear for all who feel precariously blown into uncharted territory.


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