AnNy Tr3e – Gonna Be My Day (Hasbro Tool) | Hardstyle

AnNy Tr3e continues to flex his hardstyle skills with this fresh take on “Gonna Be My Day!” His strengths in melody writing really show in both the soft piano backing up the verses and, of course, the lead in the drop, which holds a tone equally uplifting as Sunny’s words. If you’re looking for a solid burst of positive energy, this track is sure to satisfy and then some!


One thought on “AnNy Tr3e – Gonna Be My Day (Hasbro Tool) | Hardstyle

  1. Awesome track and awesome Article, if I may bring up just a small point of criticism tho, I’d have loved if you’d have said just a small bit about the kicks, seeing as they’re one of the main features and probably the most recognizable feature of Hardstyle it feels a bit off that they’re not mentioned a single time in the article.
    But apart from that, wonderful work ^^


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