Burning Gryphon – Ponies After Midnight | Rock

Burning Gryphon presents us with a full album of Russian brony awesomeness! The lyrics of these tracks are fully in Russian, but he also provided English translations, so come along as I take you through the six amazing songs of this album!

1: Much Higher (На Порядок Выше)
For this first track we got a fun Ska-Punk song that got everything from fun verses to the hype hooks to a fun breakdown, and obviously the fun vocals courtesy of Burning Gryphon himself and written by Alexey “Hanyuu” Konev. This first track is a fun intro song to really get you into the mood of this album!

2: Where Can We Get Some Cider? (Где Же Нам Сидра Достать?)
For this second song we’re going full rock awesomeness already in the intro! The intro slowly introduces all the different elements before the lyrics set in and we go full force into the first verse. It tells the story of just wanting some good cider, but because of how restrictions are, the clerk wont sell it! It’s definitely a fun setup for the story of this track and the hook asks exactly the important question: Where to get some cider now?

3: Alcohol Drop (Капля Алкоголя)
Next up we switch to some fire punk noises with Alcohol Drop, a song all about, well, booze! All you punk fans will definitely get a kick out of this, and so will all of us non punk fans, because this song is fun no matter what angle you look at it from. The hook gets you headbanging all the way through with the guitar riffs and the drums kick the fun in a higher gear!

4: Children’s Song (Детская Песенка)
This next song starts not quite like the other ones; it throws you right into the action, and quite fittingly with a song all about having fun! This one is really gonna make you smile with the awesome lyrics, the main guitar just makes you wanna jump and play. Verses and hook both deliver enormous amounts of hype. This is the song that you’ll have in your head for weeks, even if you can’t even begin to try and sing along to the lyrics.

5: Abandoned Beast (Брошенный Зверь)
Now, with this song we finally reach metal territory, but this one isn’t quite as cheerful, a song all about abandonment and the mental pain it causes. This song is a tear jerker and and if you read along closely to the lyrics this song will get to you in a personal way. This one doesn’t go quite as ‘in your face’ as other metal songs, but it doesn’t have to, the lyrics alone are what get you, while the calmer metal melodies provide a stage for the vocals to stand on.

6: Colorful World (Разноцветный Мир)
This last song comes back out of this hole of sadness the last song went down. It’s a track all about Equestria, the land of ponies, where problems of the human world are far away and where there’s happiness galore. How everyone offers help, there’s sun all year around. And towards the end, Burning Gryphon draws a bunch more comparisons between our world and Equestria.

I hope you enjoy the album, definitely listen to it, it’s a fun ride all the way through, even in the less happy parts!


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