Biscuit – This Is Where The Good Bit Starts | Metal Album

We’re dragged in hollow ambience, dispiritedness rings in the air as monstrous guitar riffs creeps upon us accompanied by slow drums quaking the realm. We just stumbled inside the wilderness of Biscuit’s first metal album and there is no exit till the end as we will be tangled by the pressure of radiating demonic screams, restless and torching deep guitar tones, breakdowns of dynamite blasts and double time meteorite drumming throughout this electrifying album.

This Is Where The Good Bit Starts.

The Air That You And I Breathe Is Not The Same

Based on the story arc of Nightmare Moon and Princess Celestia, undoubtedly the precise introduction to the musician’s style and describing Princess Luna’s inner conflictions after being banished to the moon. This composition uncovers their vocal power, their intensity in guitar riffs and rapid bass playing in the second verse. You’ll go through hell and back alike Luna’s emotions with the hardness of this well balanced tune.

Lord Of Chaos

Uh-oh, it was warned that there is no exit till the end of the album, so now is a spiral down into the torment of Biscuit’s mind, breaking chaotic barriers with bulldozing drums double pedaling as Discord heaves upon the sound system. If your mind is weak then the insane guitar villainy vibe will make you headbang in unruly ways and smash guitars like the album’s cover art. Will you survive this twisting banger or fall prey to Discord’s words of malice?

F A L L (feat. MelodyBrony)

Biscuit loves Princess Luna and Celestia a so much that we now fall into another tune about them, this time featuring MelodyBrony! Rolling like a sorrowful storm maintaining the pounding resonance, the chemistry of both musicians doesn’t let down voicing the tale of Luna’s wounds. Prepare for neck-breaking breakdowns!

Sad To See You Go (Acoustic Version)

In the final minutes, lend an ear and hug Sunny Starscout reminiscing on her father’s loss. Soothing inspirited singing and a toned down acoustic guitar shines across Sunny’s warm memories of Argyle during and after reuniting the pony races. After a rollercoaster of wrecking tunes, we faintly fade out with a soft-hearted side of Biscuit’s musical abilities and emotions.

12 tunes of raging guitars and soft fluid interludes anticipate you. This is where Biscuit begins to grow more and leaves us hopeful for more breathtaking tunes. He poured out his heart and bloody soul into the album and is worthy to pour out support towards Biscuit.

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