Canto Acrylic – Through The Ages (Cover Mashup) | Acoustic

For 12 years pony has gone through changes, but friendship has gone nowhere. People of the community have shared their artwork and memories for the 12th anniversary of MLP and Canto Acrylic contributes their part with a breathtaking release! Starting brilliantly with Through The Ages from Equestria Girls, this well-played medley on the acoustic guitar is full of vibrancy. The emotions keep rising as the mashup strings in fandom songs of PrinceWhateverer, Black Gryph0n and many more musicians with some G4 tunes by Daniel Ingram too. A time travelling cover recreating 12 years in one masterpiece. If you’re kind, be generous and pass on this shimmering song to your loyal friends who shared smiles with you through the past pony years. A few tissues and a group hug is recommended after the listening.


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