MYCUTIEMARKISAGUN – Madame Diane’s Boudoir | Hip-Hop Album

Seriously. Mag’s right about it being 2 HOT 4 HORSE MUSIC HERALD. 18+ only after the break!

MCMIAG, zebra music producer has been dropping boom bap pony music since the beginning of 2012, has DJ’d at conventions for years and still active. Known for humorous musical ideas and a discography of satisfactory pony Hip-Hop, this time they released a classy and elegant album full of sensual and intimate tunes for your private erotic session with Madame Diane. The album’s arousing moans of symphony is lustful for your ears, sit down and let the songs pleasure you to reduce stress, let go of tension and have an improved sleep quality after the listening….you horsef*****.

Dashie’s dating a BAD GIRL

The door is locked, the lights are dim, the first track plays to loosen your mind from distractions and the session begins. Inspired by the TwiDash fanfic by Karnagar, with the audio reading from Scribbler’s video, MCMIAG without mercy notched up the atmosphere with sexiness. A sublime and hot intro providing a sound of comfort and aesthetic vibes. Dashie’s dating a bad girl and you’re dating MCMIAG’s tones of pleasure.


Creatively sampling a French song, honouring the francophone roots of the album’s title, this is quite a fun one, featuring twisting FX and lines from David Menzies’ 2018 short report about bronies. The thickness of the 808 bangs spotless, no wonder she squees and squirts throughout it! The French chant partners great with the Hip-Hop rhythm that you won’t be bothered by the sticky situation you’re bathed in by her.


Producing short songs with simplicity results in a sound of beauty, and this one shows the exemplary skills of MCMIAG. Wicked and varied drums starting with a suave groove tracks along with a pad filling the aesthetic aura as Fluttershy vocal shots of her prominent expression join in with cosmic FX. Kindness swags out flow in this track.


Mhm, a sugar candy sample chosen by the baker MCMIAG and a honeyed drum beat entwined together is a fragrant sound to drool over and order some more. This musical treat will have you taste a piece of the confectionery of Madame Diane.

We hope MCMIAG and Madame Diane’s services have been full of pleasure and have you come back for more. A bathtub awaits you now to clean off your sins, unless you desire to stay spicy then download the album. Shoutout to MCMIAG for the last track dedicated to us.


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