Makaryo – Will I Ever Make My Own Mark? (Pony Princesses Remix) | House

The new generation of musicians are making their mark and first time getting featured here on HMH we have Pony Princesses and Makaryo from the Philippines! Makaryo is mostly known for doing animations doesn’t limit themselves; they been rolling out glittering G5 singles and their Misty song got a worthy remix. Crazy to think that from a short indie rock version we have this extended upbeat house version with creative and catchy pre-hooks building up to prismatic drops. The lyrics and singing are precisely the story of our blue Afro-hair friend in her best trying attempts to gain her cutie mark, but still falling down. The Misty fan art spam doesn’t stop, discord users with Misty pfps keep emerging and now you’ll have to do a Misty playlist music. This new generation just keeps on getting better, better, better!


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