Tw3Lv3 – lost in my thoughts on a rainy night | Drum and Bass / Hip-Hop Album

Tw3Lv3, a deer musician contributing to the fandom releases since 2019 and now known as the founder of VibePoniez, her strong skill production on Drum and Bass and for numerous collaborations with musicians of the community and features on labels. Tw3Lv3’s music never fails to immerse you into their emotions, sounds to experience another world and make you feel part of their vibrant musicality. This year alone they released 4 albums, this 4th album in particular is a contemplation and an internal struggle, an album that represents her feelings that the music sings for itself.

we’ve never met before

As our deer musician friend is having her space with a spliff, this intro vinyl crackles with downhearted strings is the definite vibe and representation of saddening and being the first track. A beauty of sound equal as admiring a nebula, the crystalline synth melodies and pads are a spectral in unison with the flowy sub bass. A chill journey of sadness under the rain.


Producing for the first time on a different DAW (Ableton), this song’s emotion steps harder. The flute as the main melody glides smoothly in the orbit of the drums while the void of solitude is filled with eye tearing background elements. A deserted consonance and a tearful emotion intertwine in one howling tune.

Solitude (VIP) (feat. Doodled)

Solitude was featured in the album Fluid back in 2020; the physical CDs of Fluid may be sold out, but the digital album is still available on their bandcamp page. 2 years later, jumping into our present, the quality of this version steps up its game and featuring the maniacal lyricist Doodled! The artistry in sampling merges so well with the rapid pattern of drum and bass and the hip-hop groove as Doodled integrates their part. This symphony is the only company needed for solitude.

scars on my shoulder

The one with the strongest meaning for the musician. The lo-fi piano is the cicatrix throughout this song and mildly distorted but engaging violin plays to heal the sorrowful vibe. To notch up the aesthetic, a hip-hop section massages the mood with thumping drums. A song to remedy our past pains during a smoking session and to introspect.

As we conclude after escalating mood swings, two tranquil songs are the outro of an mesmerizing album as the smoke and tormenting thoughts fade away and the rain stays wiping off the tears. An ending song leaves the message of Tw3Lv3 being glad to have friends by her side and we the listeners are glad for having Tw3Lv3 pouring out her feelings and share with us musically. The album is available to purchase and to be your companion for rainy nights, you may get lost in your thoughts, but the music and friends will reach in to your heart.


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