Daniel Ingram – Equestria Girls Theme (JTH Remix) | Trance

JoinedTheHerd has seemingly become like the blockbuster movie franchise in the Brony music community: posts a new song/remix only 2-4 times a year, but when they drop, they are a masterpiece that has everybody talking for months before the next new track is dropped. This time, JTH has remixed a song that a lot of us probably forgot about – The Equestria Girls episode series’ theme song. This remix starts to build up towards its high energy charm that JTH is known for, but takes a surprising and sudden 180 to bring it down again to a sweet and almost atmospheric feeling, only to build itself up towards the high energy yet again. This song is a rollercoaster from beginning to end, of which my hands are up for the entire ride bopping to that infectious beat.


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